Fafnir GmbH was established 2001 – our business segments are:

  • Consulting service with main focus on market exploitation Europe and Middle East
  • IT Security Solutions hardware and software
  • Im- and Export
  • Web Design
  • Trade brokerage
  • Real Estate development
  • Materials and devices for building biology
  • Coffee roasting establishment – please visit www.jeebean.com

Our resolve and core act is to mediate between various parties from an unlimited source of business segments/industries. Fafnir GmbH aims to enhance client’s business developments within various areas as well as broadening their market coverage.

Present-day, the world is renowned as a global village and businesses around the globe are intertwined to a greater extent each day. Hence Fafnir GmbH core activities is stretched globally, operating in various markets and countries, we are able to bring you the most forceful and notable services.